Monday, August 8, 2016



THE truth about me is that I'm no expert on tidying up and de-cluttering and I'm am not the most organised person in the world, so I am not here to offer advice.  In about 5 to 6 weeks, I am planning to move home; and by home I mean back to where I was born.
I have lived here in South Australia for 13 and a half years and now it's time to go back to Melbourne.  I am really looking forward to it.

Despite the fact that I am not a very organised person, I am finding my own way to get rid of anything that I don't need or use.  My rubbish bin and my recycle bin have become my best friends.  I have become quite RUTHLESS.  I can't believe I am actually saying that about myself.  As a rule I am not a ruthless person.  I am a bit of a hoarder and tend to keep unnecessary things; things that I will probably never use again and way too many things at that.  So to say that I am being ruthless at the moment is really a milestone for me.

I look at people that are organised, tidy and have a place for everything; and look to them in awe.  I think to myself, why can't I be like that?  Then I realise that everyone is different and we all have different qualities.  For some people being tidy and organised comes naturally.  For me it doesn't.  So in the end it is something that I have to work at.  I don't ever want to be fanatical about organising things; I just want to have places for everything in my house and not have to go into freak-out mode when someone knocks at my door.

So here I am at the moment organising and packing; getting rid of
junk and keeping what I do use and will use.  I'm thinking of having a garage sale to make some money on anything that is of value; and maybe get rid of some clothes that I no longer need.  After than anything left can go to the op shop.  

Interestingly for me, I am finding that the more I de-clutter and pack the more I want to get it done.  I am realising that it can be addictive.  Did I actually say that ?  Did I even contemplate it being addictive ?  No, the thought that it was addictive just happened upon me in a moment of true enlightenment !!!  and do I feel happy about that, I sure do.

Someone said to me that packing and moving is CATHARTIC and although I had never thought of that before.....I have to say I agree that it is.  Actually I have decided that that is my new favourite word.

Moving right along  ...........


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