Friday, August 8, 2008

Babies everywhere and the element of surprise.

Got a phone call from my sister this morning telling me that she had been to see the ultrasound for her son A's baby.....of course we all know the son isn't expecting the baby.....but his wife J is. She is due in December. Not only is it exciting for the parents-to-be, but I think the whole family seems to get involved in these things. Babies seem to bring something special to families.

We have so many babies coming into the family in the next 6 months... my nephew's wife J is expecting, my neice C is expecting and then my brother's wife F is expecting a baby. My brother is going to be a grandfather and a father all in the space of about 2 or 3 weeks. I don't know which one he will be more excited thats a biggy!! Hope they don't have it on the same day at the same hospital or it could be a bit like the Father of the Bride scenario.

Here is a picture of my brother R (the one whose going to be a grandfather and father soon) when he was a baby - so cute and angelic. He looks so peaceful!! I'm sure my mother thought that at the time, but of course then he grew up didn't he.

Babies are certainly a wonderful blessing from God. They are so sweet. Don't you just love the way they smell, I know I do.

My neice C had one of those 3D scans that you can have now. So much more advanced than the normal ultrasound. The features are so advance on these things. You can almost see what the baby actually looks like (well as much as you can through means of a scan anyway). Truly Amazing!!!!!

When my sister spoke to me this morning and told me about going to the scan, she told me that you could really clearly see what the baby was. I asked if they were going to tell people what they were having and she said no. This then made me think about the fact that these days with scans and all, most couples (not all of course) find out what they are having before the baby is born. I only found out with one of mine what I was last child.

So what ever happened to the good old fashioned way - finding out when you actually gave birth and the doctor or midwife told you what it was at that very moment. I guess some people like to know beforehand so they can plan for the arrival and have everything in either pink or blue depending on whether it's a boy or girl....if your in to pink for girls and blue for boys that is.

Does it really matter whether you know or not?? In the end all you really worry about are if it has 10 fingers and toes and if everything else is where it should be. I know that's all I cared about when my little ones were born.


Kris said...

Okay, I'm not for old-fashioned at all!

I 'knew' that number 6 was a boy. I was just convinced that he was male. I had no idea with the first 5. So when I went for the ultrasound for numbers 7 and 8 I asked to know. I liked knowing. It made that unborn baby more a person in my head and I enjoyed that. (I'm not a blue for boys type!) Anyway, I figured I was going to find out sooner or later, so what's 20 weeks or so! We knew (via an ultrasound) that my new grandson was a boy and it made it more exciting for those of us who were just waiting! So those of you who want to stay in 1950, go for it! But I like it here in the 21st century!

Lotti said...

Yeah well I did know what all of mine were...even though I didn't have a scan....just mother's gut instinct I guess. I like what you say about making the unborn baby more a person in your head. That's true you know.