Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Bus Trip to Country South Australia

We set off at around 8.15am in the morning for country South Australia and here's the bus we went in. Actually really I should call it a coach, after all it did have a loo on board. The seats were comfy and the air-conditioning was on. This was a good thing because it was pretty warm on Saturday.
And so the day began.......

This is the lake/beach area at Port Wakefield. I wanted to put my feet in the water. Don't quite know why I didn't. Maybe I didn't want to take wet/sandy feet back to the coach. Anyway I thought it was quite pretty and except for the heat and flies, I thought it was nice. The morning tea was pretty good too.....scones and jam and cream. Yummy!!

Now for a small history lesson:

Port Wakefield was originally visited by Matthew Flinders in 1802. It was originally named Port Henry. Around 1849 the name was changed to Port Wakefield. (Information obtained from Wikapedia)

Next stop was Moonta where we got to look around the shops and then went to the park for lunch. As most of you will know Adelaide is well known as the city of churches. This also extends to country S.A. This church was situated opposite the park where we had our BBQ lunch.

Another History Lesson:

Moonta is 165 Klms North-North West of Adelaide. It is one of three towns in what is known as the Copper Triangle Towns. The other towns included in this Triangle are Kadina and Wallaroo. These towns are known as "Little Cornwall". The name Moonta is thought to have been derived from "Moontera", a (indigenous) Narrunga Tribe word meaning "Impenetrable Scrub". (Information obtained from Wikapedia).

I couldn't resist taking photos of these magnificent trees (Morton Bay Figs) that filled the park where we had lunch. They were so beautiful. I tried to find out information on how old these trees were, but nothing came up on the internet. They must have come with the first settlers is my estimation, but then that's only a guess on my part. So therefore I'm guessing that they are probably 200 years old or thereabouts.

This is taking looking up in to the branches of the same tree as above.

Sitting under these trees, they provide the most awesome shade.

Moonta Mines Museum
(Formerly Moonta Mines School)
1878 - 1968


We then went on to Wallaroo where it was open day for the new ferry. We got to go on board and have a look around. The Ferry travels from Wallaroo to Lucky Bay and takes around 2 hours.

How novel....A Fairy for the Ferry Open Day!!!

Nice comfy seats and they've even got TV on board....."Finding Nemo" was showing that day. Pretty appropriate when your on board a ferry really!!

For those wanting an open air view while they travel (and I say in rough seas I wouldn't be caught dead up here) here is the top deck. I'm sure this would be fine in calm waters. As for me I think I prefer the indoor comfy seats.

The Ferry heads off in that direction.

By this time we were all pretty tired and went back to our "coach" and headed home. Everyone was pretty tired and we all slept in the coach on the way home.....well mostly.....those of us who were awake enough watched a movie or talked.

A good day was had by all.

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