Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas is already over. Doesn't the year go by quickly. I've already started filling up my diary and calendar for next year, which mind you is only 5 days away.

The thing I love most about Christmas is remembering the reason why we celebrate christmas. The fact that the Saviour came to earth so that we might have eternal life. I also enjoy being with friends and family. My family is spread all over Australia and it's nice to get the chance to talk to loved ones on the phone. I have my mum and one sister in Tasmania and a sister and brother in Victoria, living in different parts of Melbourne.

Christmas Day was busy, visiting one of my brothers and his family in the morning for a little while - then having lunch with my son .....who did most of the cooking, and a good job at that. We then went to other family for dinner. Last night we went and had dinner with friends and had a really lovely time. Our friends have a big family, and it was wonderful to share a meal with them. They also had their beautiful 6 month old grandson there and he is just so gorgeous.

Our church is having a young single adult convention over the new year period and there are about 450 young people congregating here in Adelaide, all set for a good time. When I was younger I went to the same convention and I had a wonderful time. Sometimes I wish that I could have those days back again.

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