Saturday, March 28, 2009

A WICKED TIME........Part 1

Well I have my lap top up and running again......YAY!!!!

Finally I can post photos of my trip away for my 50th birthday to Melbourne. Even though I now live in Adelaide, South Australia, my place of birth is Melbourne, Victoria. I guess most people always consider the place where they are born to be home, I know I do. That doesn't mean that I don't like living here in Adelaide....I am really happy here, I'm exactly where I want to be for right now!! Compared to Melbourne, Adelaide is like a big country town. Getting from A to B here never seems to take very long.

As I have said in previous posts I went to Melbourne and met my twin sister there and saw the musical WICKED......which was AWESOME. I totally loved it. I've come to realise that I absolutely love live theatre. Years ago when I was about 20 I went to see ANNIE live in Melbourne and it was fabulous. I can still remember, even today how much I loved the excitement of it all......the lights, costumes, singing, dancing, scenery. It all came back again when I went to see Wicked.

Mr. J, my soon to be 23 y/old son informed me that if I was going to document my trip in photos for my 50th birthday .... I had to document it all including taking a photo of his hand and foot (the hand and foot that drove me to the airport). He also took a photo of the ticket for parking at the airport, the car keys and even himself.....albeit unshaven. I thought that was going a bit far, but he was having fun and making us laugh.

He even decided that he had to take a picture of me sending a txt message on my mobile phone. I was sending a message to my sister to tell her that I'd be late into Melbourne. The reason for the txt was that we got onto our plane ready for take off....only to be told that there was some damage to the plane when thy had encountered a bird during landing on the previous flight. We then had to disembark from that plane and hop onto another, and so we left about 1 hour late, but I'd rather leave late than have problems mid flight, 30,000 feet up! I figured if I intended to come back to my children I'd rather be on a plane that actually worked.

We were supposed to be taking off from Gate 16 however, that was the site of the damaged plane and so we ended up leaving from Gate 15 around 50 mins later than was intended

Gate 16 and the offending damaged plane!!

Gate 15 and the plane we finally took off in from Adelaide!!

Some people hate flying....but me, I absolutely love it! To me there is something quite exciting about flying.

Funny, but I can't even remember what time we got into Melbourne. By the time the plane took off and I read for the majority of the flight, the time seemed to pass in a blur. On a short flight like that you feel like you just sat down in your seat, buckled up and then your taking the belt off again and getting out of the plane.

It always amazes me how these aircraft get off the ground. I know it's aerodynamics and all that, but I am still constantly amazed by man made technology, and especially by objects that are bigger than a kite that can stay up in the air.

A friend of mine suggested that I wear a flower so that my sister would recognise me at the airport!! I said "very funny!!". If you got the bit about me being an identical twin, you'll get what I've just said.

After finding my sister, (and yes she did recognise me, without a flower) who hadn't caught a flight that was late and was sitting patiently waiting near the baggage handling area, we set off to our accommodation, which was in the city of Melbourne. Staying in the city was for convenience since we were only there for 2 nights .....but it did have some significance as we were actually born in the city of a hospital of course.

After catching the Skybus from the airport we found our way to our hotel. The room was small but very nice. I think it's the new thing these days to have small hotel rooms. Glad I don't have to live in one of them all the time. Oh and we had a beautiful view from our room of the building next door. Very exciting. Seriously though it was actually a very nice hotel and I didn't have to make the bed!!

Didn't realise that this post was going to be so long.......Stay tuned for the next exciting installment........

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Kris said...

Lucky Jason thought everything should be documented, because I am loving all the photos! Can't wait for the next installment.