Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh man, some days are just busy busy busy!! Today has been one of those days.

  • Up at 6.15am.

  • At work by 7am.

  • Worked until 11am.

  • Had a phone call from my son who needed help because his car out of action ....always call mum when you need help!!

  • Went and took my Son to find out about getting his car fixed.

  • Came home for about 45 mins.

  • Took Son to work.

  • Went to work for another 2 hrs.

  • Took daughter to shops then to hairdressing appointment.

  • Went home.

  • Went back to pick up daughter - daughter gets hair done at a friends house who is a hairdresser. Daughter not ready so said I'd come back.

  • Went to do babysitting for a friend.

  • Had to go back and pick up daughter.

  • Babysat till about 9.30pm.

  • Took daughter home.

  • Went back to pick up son from work and took him to his home.

  • Came home.

And that was the day that was ..... busy busy busy!! Tomorrow is another day and that won't be much better!! My bed looks really really good right about now.....

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