Thursday, May 21, 2009


About 3 weeks ago my 23 year old son told me to keep the 20th of May free...... he was going to take me out as a combined birthday/Mother's day present. He didn't tell me what we were going to do, just that he wanted to take me out. So I spent the time between now and then guessing where I was going. Although I have to say he did drop a few hints and I had a feeling where I was going. Well tonight he took me out and I went to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It was fantastic and Anthony Warlow was completely AWESOME. To think that he had throat cancer not so many years ago and there was a chance that he would never sing again. I am so glad that didn't happen .... it would have been sad to loose his brilliance.

Anthony Warlow as The Phantom

At the end of the show some people stood up and were cheering and clapping and so my son and I stood up too. I wanted to stand up, but didn't and then as soon as others starting standing up so did we. My hands were really red when we finished clapping and they are still red now. This show deserved a standing ovation.

Anthony Warlow (The Phantom) and Ana Marina (Christine)
Alexander Lewis as Raoul
Ana Marina as Christine
The cast had the most beautiful voices. It is wonderful to see people using their talents. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to see live theatre. Live theatre is the best. Once you see one good show you get bitten by the bug to see more ..... at least I know I have been...bitten by the theatre bug that is.
CATS is coming out in December and I am hoping to go with my 17 y/old daughter to see that. I know she would love to go.
Thanks Jason for a wonderful night out ..... I loved it.

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