Thursday, June 11, 2009

Enjoy each precious moment!!

Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments.
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Just looked into my blog and realised that it's been ages since I posted......about 2 weeks. Got no photos to add today, but thought oh well, post anyway.

There are some things that happen in life and you really wonder why, you know they happen for a reason, but you still don't understand why. Sometimes people go through challenges and you wonder why them? ......and it makes you feel incredibly lucky and blessed. I am in contact with a beautiful person who is facing the challenge of her life. She is a truly special person with the most wonderful outlook on life. Despite everything she remains ever the optimist. I admire her courage more than she could ever know.

Knowing her and knowing what is coming for her is very sad. I feel enormous sadness at what the outcome will be. But I am forever amazed at her incredibly postive and uplifting attitude towards what life has dealt her. She is living life in the way that we all should live it, one day at a time, one moment at a time, to the best of our ability.... and so I try to think like her, in the here and now - not into the future, but in the moment. She talks as though she had a whole lifetime, but there is not a lifetime for her.

Someone asked her "are you afraid of dying" and she said "no, not really ..... I just know when it's going to happen for me, other people don't".

When she thanks me for what I do to help her in her life....... I want to thank her even more for all that she has given me. The blessing of giving is a far greater gift than receiving.

I think for today I feel grateful for every little moment. I feel grateful for what I am able to do. For my ability to walk and talk and get around without assistance from anyone. I feel grateful that my life will continue on for a bit longer and that I can plan a future.

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