Saturday, August 22, 2009


I can remember my mother calling my brother who is 5 years and 4 months younger than me say "oh, my baby is 20 or 30 or whatever age he was" and I would think good grief mum, he's NOT a baby. But yesterday I found myself saying the very same thing "my baby is 18 now".

I guess when you have 5 children they are always your children, and your youngest is always the baby, because they once were your baby. No matter how old they get, they remain your babies.

Miss said to me this morning "all your children are now legal, but whether we act like it or not is another thing". She is so funny the things she comes out with at times. Yeah, well they are all over 18, but no they probably don't all act like adults at times.
All day yesterday I kept thinking of the time when Miss A was born and how long her labour was. She is a very strong-willed girl now and I think even then as she was coming into this world she was saying .... "I'll come when I'm ready" and "no-body's going to tell me what to do". After 28 hours of labour Miss A came into this world, a healthy 7lb 14oz baby girl, with all her fingers and toes. After all you never care what you have, just that they are healthy and have all their fingers and toes.
When I was pregnant with Miss A, I strongly felt that I was having a baby girl and I even decided on her name before she was born. I just knew in my heart that she was going to be a girl. I wonder if other mothers have the same feelings about their children prior to their birth. I guess that it's different for all of us.
I also knew that Miss A was going to be a very special girl. She has certainly brought with her, her own share of challenges, and life has never been dull! But it has been worth it, so worth it. She has been a blessing in my life and has taught me a great deal, most of all patience.
Miss A is finally 18.

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randi said...

Two of my five have reached the 18-mark, and I must say it was a crazy milestone for me to reach. How did it come so fast?

Happy day to your babe!