Sunday, November 8, 2009


Day 35 - 7th November 2009
My niece turned one on the 4th of November and today we had her party.
This is the cake, obviously, very cool!!

Miss M having a sleep in preparation for the big party ....

The birthday girl is awake and just having a moment to wake up.

Little Miss I is my great-niece and she is also the birthday girls niece
and she turned one 3 weeks before her Auntie

Mr. J ...... just relaxing in the shade

My son J .... who turned 20 on the 6th of November
"oooh, J .... just let me see what you've got in your eye here...."

"Oh look, this is a pretty awsome toy"

Mr. R and Mr. A ..... My brother and his son
I love this photo

Miss A and Miss M
cuddling cousins

"......ooooh, this makes a GOOD noise"

"....look here A, I'll show you how to do it ...."

It's been a big day!! Time for the important things .... a drink and sleep.