Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CASCADE - Glass Sculpture

CASCADE - Glass Sculpture
designed by Sergio Redegalli
Botanic Gardens, Adelaide

This sculpture has 500 precision cut pieces of 6mm clear glass glued to the shape of a cascading wave.

I found this sculpture quite interesting and fascinating. Very interesting to look at. It is situated in the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide. I have lived here for 7 years, almost 8 years and have never been to the botanical gardens until this year. Found some quite beautiful and interesting things there.
Some people are so creative and talented.

I love these photos, although I don't quite think they do the sculpture justice. If you go to this link you can see a better photo of the sculpture, a photo that gives a better overall view.

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Kris said...

I love the mirror like quality of this sculpture. The botanical gardens has always been a favourite place of mine. I have spent many long hours there, but have been there very little this year. Must get there!