Sunday, October 16, 2011


Amy and George are brother and sister, born 3 years apart, they were 5 years and 8 years at the time this photo was taken. Their birthdays were on the 21st of May and the 18th of May.

Amy is my grandmother and George, my great uncle. This is one of my very favourite photos of the two of them together. I just love the way they were dressed. I love everything about this photo.

I love the beautiful dress that my grandmother is wearing, so feminine and pretty, so soft and flowing. Her hair is just beautiful. I'm not sure if it was curled by her mother or they were natural curls. As an older woman she had straight hair, so that's why I'm not sure about the curls.

There is no way that a boy would be wearing this type of outfit today, but I love the lace work on the outfit of my great uncle. Whilst we wouldn't dress our boys like this today, I certainly appreciate the work that has gone into this suit. I have never asked my mother, but I wonder if these outfits were made by my great grandmother.

I loved both my grandmother and my great uncle. He was a round and jolly man and was bald, but he was the kind of man that was always happy to see you and you felt happy to see him. I have many happy memories of my grandmother. I remember her coming to visit us every week and bring dinner with her, usually fish and chips and cakes. I remember her ability to knit and crochet and some of the wonderful things that she made. As I grew older and I went out to work I used to see her each day on my way to work. At the time she was working at the Victorian Railways and I'd see her checking tickets at the barriers in the Subway at the Flinders Street Railway Station in the city of Melbourne. That station always reminds me of her.

I was blessed to have been with her when she passed away .... a peaceful passing ..... I know that she loved her mum and dad very much. She always said that her mum was a wonderful mother and I know at the end she wanted to go and be with her. Prior to her passing, when she was in hospital in a semi-conscious state I remember her saying that she could hear her mother playing the piano. I know that there is a life beyond this one and I'm sure that she could hear her mother playing the piano ... and I am certain that she was waiting patiently for her daughter to arrive.


Annette said...

What a beautiful post Lotti! The photo is just adorable! You were blessed to have a wonderful grandmother and great uncle.

Lotti said...

Thank you Annette ... on my mother's side I have had 3 lots of 5 generations in my life time. On my dads side My grandmother died before I was born and my grandfather died 6 weeks after my dad was killed. So I feel blessed to have known my grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandmother on mums side.

Kris said...

They look so happy here!

sister outlaws said...

They look like they were great friends too - I love the way Amy is leaning towards her brother. Beautiful photo!