Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm a little behind with my posting. I started out on the 2nd, not the 1st of October posting .... didn't find the site till Day 2 .... but now that I have I'm getting right into it. Also I've had challenges with the computer and not being able to download photos. That all seems to have rectified itself now ... thank goodness (breaths a sigh of relief). One more post today should rectify the situation and ge me up to date.

I honestly thought I wouldn't have much to say because like everyone I have times when I can't think of what I want to say. I think that's more about not being confident in what you write and worrying about what other's will think. Everyone brings their own unique style to their blog and this is what makes them all so interesting and different. If we all wrote about the same thing, think of what a boring place the blogging world would be.

Back in June I brought myself a Sony PRS 350 / SC E-Reader, which then sat in the box for ages .... I think I was hoping that it would, as if by magic, get itself out of the box and set itself up. Should have known that sort of thing only happens in dreams ... or on I Dream of Jeanie. In any case I finally realised that wasn't going to happen and started endeavouring to teach myself how to use it.

Yesterday, taking the bull by the horns, I went onto the internet and found a couple of books that I liked, I then proceeded to work out how to get the apps I need online to be able to download the books. After a bit of fiddling around and a lot of aaaaarrrrggghhhhing (out of frustration) TA DA Finally downloaded 2 books and I am currently reading one.

I think ultimately my children will realise the greatest benefit of having an E-Reader is that instead of having shelves and shelves of books, which they constantly complain about, I will be able to have about 2,000 books all in one place on a small compact item which will fit in my handbag ...... I can hear them shouting out now ..... BONUS!!!!

The best thing of all is being able to carry this around in my handbag and then while waiting at appointments in say the Doctors surgery, I can just pull it out of my bag and I have something to read. Plus the thought of not having to lug heavy books around is wonderful ... given all the problems with my back of late. I love it.

So despite all the challenges of working out how to use the E-Reader in the end I am very happy with it and I'm sure I won't have as much trouble next time .... at least I hope not ... sound confident don't I.

The joys of modern technology!!


Kris said...

Sold! You make it sound so good I'm sure I need one now!

Lotti said...

Being the bookworm I am Kristin, I Just love the thought of having such easy access to so many books. Apparently you can also borrow books as well, but I need to look into that