Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful blossoms

This beautiful apple tree bloom was right at the top of an apple tree. The tree it was on was so green with not another bloom in
It looked so pretty sitting there all on it's own.
I'm wondering when more blooms will appear.
The come the apples.
It was a photo begging to be taken.

Apple blossom is a reminder of the cycle of nature.

This lily was found growing under the apple tree. So pretty and they made the most beautiful table decorations at our luncheon today

These roses are amazing.
They too made beautiful table decorations today at our luncheon.

layer upon layer of petals
folding together
magnificent creations


Annette said...

Gorgeous flower shots! But the roses took my breath away!

Lotti said...

They are so beautiful aren't they .... the roses seem to be loving the dryer weather .... the drought doesn't seem to have affected them.

Charlotte said...

You must have the most beautiful garden. These flowers are just stunning!