Friday, November 25, 2011

THIS IS WHAT IT IS ..........

A few days ago I put this post on my blog titled "What is this going to be"
 I had a few guesses but no one got it right
Below is what it was
Finnigan the Frog sunning on a rock

Finnigan the Frog

Finnigan was made as part of the Op Shop Swap and sent off to my swap partner.

Charlotte of The Hours Between posted about it here for her little man, who is very cute.  I hope he gets lots of fun out of this soft toy. 


Kris said...

I love him!!! Especially his shorts. I used that fabric in my Tis the Season quilt! I'm sick at the moment and haven't been on the computer much. Love all your posting recently! Off to check out your other posts!

VickiT said...

That is so so cute. I didn't see the other post. Don't know if I was not looking properly or not. He really is very very cute.

gnomeangel said...

That's so AWESOME! He's so cute! Love your work. I was on a totally different track!

Nicely made!

sister outlaws said...

What a great frog!I'm sure he will be treasured.

Charlotte said...

Jai will LOVE him! Thank you so much, he is gorgeous!! xoxo