Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please Tear Open ......

Batteries in camera ....  photos downloaded .....  here are the shots of the lovely parcel full of goodies I received yesterday in The Op Shop Swap.

 Once again thank you so much Charlotte

I love this and intend to hang it on my tree when I put it up .... my daughter has been nagging me to do it, so that's a project for the weekend and this little decoration will take pride of place.
 These tags are so pretty 

This little bag said "Please Tear Open!"  and so that's exactly what I did ... couldn't resist and inside were these ........ 



  This pretty Broach
And this lovely card which said  
and I did
Wrapped up in a package.


sammylee said...

That looks so awesome! I'm jealous!

quilary said...

A very exciting parcel to receive... isn't it great when a swap works out so well!

Charlotte said...

Glad u liked the gifts!! The tags I thought you could use as bookmarks (tho they are a bit fat!) because you said you liked reading :) And you love your garden so I thought you might like the flower brooch! And who could resist buttons?!!

Jody Pearl said...

What a gorgeous parcel and the button wreath is the perfect excuse to put up the tree.

So glad you enjoyed the Swap and thankyou for joining in.

It would be lovely if you could share your 'loot' over on the Op Shop Swap Flickr site with everyone.

Merry Christmas.

Annette said...

Oh what wonderful things to find in a package. I have a "thing" for buttons, so I'm drooling over the wreath and the ones you received!