Thursday, December 29, 2011

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER ..... and Uni results, an exciting day ...

Willow Statue
This is what my daughter gave me for Christmas and I just love it.
These statues are so pretty. 

Just quietly there were a few tears when I opened this one.  She has a beautiful heart my Miss 20.
And she gave me a lovely pair of gold sleepers which I am now wearing all the time.

I am a frog collector, my friends know I collect themNot real frogs, although not from a lack of encouragement on the part of miss 20, who thinks I should definitely have real frogs.  Still thinking about that one.  Just different frogs in varying forms.
Don't ask me why I love collecting them, but I just think there is something nice about them.  Although I'm sure not everyone's cup of tea.
I got two frogs for presents this year.  

So here's the other frog I got ....
There is a standing joke between some of my single friends and I that one day we will kiss a frog and he will turn into a handsome prince.  She even gave us all packets of red lolly frogs a couple of years ago and said we had to kiss them and they would turn into handsome princes.
Looks like I've been led astray, either that or she actually believed that fairy tale.  Either way there hasn't been much luck to date.

I just thought this guy might have finally been the lucky one.  Oh, well, back to kissing lolly frogs.

Ooooops !! A slightly creased towel.  Did want to take a photo before she used it.  This is what I gave Miss 20 for Christmas ....... Eeaw from Winnie The Pooh.

Miss 20 loves Winnie the Pooh and especially the character of Eeaw.  She and Eeaw are very alike, at least according to her.  I think she relates to his rather anxious and depressed nature, and the fact that he never seems to have many friends. You should have seen her face when she opened the wrapping on this present.  She was so happy. 

It has been a busy and yet, relaxed week.
We had a lovely Christmas day and spent it together as a family.
We had two births in our extended family ...... a great niece and nephew .... one born just before Christmas and one born today. 

Christmas has been and gone and we are heading into a new year.
I am so looking forward to the year ahead and in the next week I will start to set out my goals for the coming year.
Today I got the results of the first Uni assignment that I handed in and I got full marks.  I was so excited.  Like a little kid in a toy shop.  I was so excited I wanted to cry.  I got such good feed back from my Tutor and I was so relieved and excited to know that I had done the referencing perfectly.

So today and this week have been excellent.
Such a good mark and feed back has motivated an otherwise slightly lacking in confidence individual to keep going in her studies.
..... I know it's only the start, but it's the start of the future ....

Hope you have all had a good week.

What are your plans and goals for 2012 ?
What would you love to achieve ?


L!$@ said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas! :D Eeyore is always a funny character...just like Ashlee I guess :P Awesome news about your essay too! Congrats!

Anna said...

I love that statue, it's soooo special. I love also that you collect's sweet!

Lotti said...

Thanks Lisa .... you have now solved the problem I have .... how to spell Eeyore .... YAY!!

Charlotte said...

Those Willow statues are so pretty. My sister has some of them too, and i gave her the little girl being held by an angel, after my sister helped me through a tough time. It reminded me so much of how I felt with her, hugging into my angel :)

Annette said...

It sounds like a lovely Christmas, Lotti! The frogs made me smile. Congrats on such good marks!
Happy New Year!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Congratulations on getting full marks for your uni work. That's a fantastic achievement xx