Saturday, February 11, 2012


Two of my loves are Nature (love taking photos of flowers, trees, the ocean, anything to do with nature), and the library, my kids call it my second home.  The library is a great place to study and also a great place to find good books, which as many of you know, reading is just about my favourite thing to do.

The other day I was down at the Tea Tree Gully library, had my camera with me and captured these shots.  I love that the council have put so much thought into the gardens they have planted surrounding the buildings.  Lots of shade and I love natives.  It offers a cool place to go when it's really hot and is so nice to look at ... and if you are lucky enough and can park in the spots near there, some of the trees even offer shade for your car while you're in the library ..... BONUS.  We are creatures of habit, we humans, or at least I think we are and I don't know about you, but I like to park in roughly the same spot all the time ... oh heck that makes me sound a bit obsessive, but I'm not really.  My daughter thinks I'm crazy, but there is one spot in the car park that to me, is the perfect parking spot.  I call it 'My Parking Spot'.  Miss A constantly reminds me that it's not my parking spot, but I like to think that it is.  Does anyone else do this? ... or am I the only one that's crazy here.  I'm usually inside the library for 2 hours or more so I've decided I need a shady spot and that's the one, most especially on a really hot summer day.

They have also been so kind as to think of the native animals that might live in the area and have planted a box up in the gum tree right near the entrance.  If you look closely you can see it, even if I didn't at first.  I'm sure that box has been there for ages, but I've never noticed it until the day I took these photos.  

I'd love to actually see a possum in there one day, although I'm sure being a nocturnal animal, I'm not likely to see one anytime soon.


Anna said...

And such gorgeous nature pictures they are. I love those trees!

Annette said...

What a beautiful setting for a library. It's amazing what we see when we start looking at things through the camera lens!
Thank you for the encouraging words you have left on my blog recently! My knee is getting better!