Friday, March 30, 2012

THURSDAY TO FRIDAY ...... in Horsham, Victoria. FRIDAY TO SUNDAY .... move on to Ballarat.

Beautiful boy engrossed in the TV
(my nephew, my brother's son)
This weekend I went away on a 'sibling 
retreat' of sorts.   I started out in Adelaide,
ended up in Horsham overnight on the way 
through to Ballarat and then on to Melbourne. 
In Horsham I spent the night with my brother 
and his wife and their family of two beautiful 
little angels.

Beautiful angel taking care of the drinks........
(my niece, my brother's daughter)

They certainly keep my sister-in-law on her
toes.  They are two busy little bees, constantly
on the go.

Jessie ..... 
(My brother and his families horse)
Jessie is a beautiful brood mare.  She is just beautiful 
and the two little ones above love her.  Both of
them love getting on the horse with their dad and
going for a ride.  It's amazing how unafraid they are.

Jessie ......
(Jessie has a friend now ..... my brother just brought a 6 month old minature pony ... it's so tiny and beautiful...... her name is Candie and she is a pinto colour and my nephew is taller than her).

Beautiful roses in the garden
(in the garden at Ripon Cottage)


Ripon Cottage, Ballarat
The name says it all 

Ripon Cottage, Ballarat, Victoria.
On Friday, my brother and I left Horsham and headed off to Ballarat in Victoria.  We stayed in Ripon cottage with my other brother and my twin sister and younger sister.

Two years ago we caught up for a sibling weekend and had an awesome time.  We stayed in Halls Gap that time (read more about that here).  This time however we decided to stay somewhere different and went to Ballarat in Victoria.  The cottage we stayed in was lovely and was perfect for our needs.  If you had children it would be a lovely place to stay as down in the back garden they had  a coop with chickens in it and one of the hens had some baby chicks.  Read more about Ripon Cottage here.

After this weekend we all agreed that we need to do this every year.  My younger sister had a stroke last year at the age of 51 and it was so good to see her and see how well she is getting on.  She was very lucky to have had her husband there when she had her stroke ..... he called an ambulance straight away .... and thanks to a new treatment that people that have a stroke can be given, the affects of her stroke are minimal.  So it was a blessing to have her with us this weekend.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of the weekend away which involves my twin sister and I heading off to Melbourne for 2 nights .... more photos to follow.


Ripon Cottage



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AnnaPrasad said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. I love the pictures of the horses and of your family.