Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well it was definitely a blast from the past when I saw this today.  Fuzzy Felt ..... what nice memories it brought back.  I used to spend hours and hours playing with this and just loved it.  There were many different types and it was important to have as many types of Fuzzy Felt as you could.

So that got me thinking about all the different toys and things that I played with as a child.  As I looked on the internet for photos it was like having a walk down memory lane.  I loved it.  Got right into the spirit of things and it took me back in time.  Having a warm fuzzy moment right about now.

Paper Dolls .... oh they were so gorgeous and so popular.  I would play with them for hours.  We even made our own sometimes and had so much fun.

Who remembers the good old HULA HOOP ?  I remember having competitions with my sisters and my friends to see how long we could keep the hoop going.  I remember wanting a PINK Hula Hoop and I got one and loved it.

Then there were the skipping ropes.  You would spend your lunch hour jumping in an out of the rope.  You were so clever if you could jump between 2 ropes at the same time, and even obtained greater respect if you could jump faster than anyone else.
Skipping Girl Vinegard Sign in the Day

Just as an aside to the theme of skipping ...... I have great memories of the Skipping Girl Vinegar sign in Abbotsford, near Melbourne .... during the day the sign looked like any other sign, but at night it would light up and the girl appeared to be skipping in mid air.  It was awesome if we came home from the city at night and could see the sign going .... I loved it.

Skipping Girl Vinegar sign, Abbotsford, Victoria at night.

Yo Yo's .... what can I say .... To have a Yo Yo was awesome ... but even more awesome was having a Coca Cola Yo Yo.  I still remember the people in national costumes from different countries coming to the shopping centres and doing demonstrations with the Yo Yo's .... and they were just so clever.


Then there were Klick Klacks .... or whatever they were called.  I can't quite remember, but that's what I called them anyway.  I loved them ..... except when they crashed into my wrists and hurt like anything.  I swore I wasn't going to play with them any more, but of course not to be deterred from practising, I kept on going, despite the pain.

So what toys did you have when you were growing up?  What did you play with as a child?  What gives you a nice feeling when you see them and brings back lovely memories?


sister outlaws said...

Ooh! I LOVED hula hoops and skipping. Think I still do! I remember some people coming to the school to show off their yo-yo skills and tricks. Yo-yos were so popular! Thanks for the memories. Might try and fit in time today for a play with the hula hoop!

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Ooh yes, I loved fuzzy felt too :o) Skipping, hopscotch and cats cradle were other playground favourites. I think click clacks were banned here!