Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reverb 12 ....... Day 14

The path that brought you here ?

Why do you make this so hard Reverb 12 ... oh, but I love a challenge. This almost strikes me as being along the lines of something out of the book .... The Road Less Travelled. 
Life is never easy, but I think it is the path that we travel that helps us to grow and become who we are today.  How do you describe the path that brought you here, when where you are today, right this moment is the culmination of a myriad of events and life's challenges?

To single out one, tiny event, and make it the reason you are where you are today along the path of life, is to deny all the rest of the tiny events that make up your life.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, take one piece away, and the puzzle is not complete, it is not perfectly what it should be.

The path that brought me here is the journey I have taken and every experience has added to that.  Like the blacksmith who takes a piece of metal, heats it till red hot in the coals of the fire, and beats it into shape, then reheats it yet again.  Over and over he does this until the metal becomes an object, perfectly shaped and is just exactly what it was meant to be.  It has become what it is, because from the very start, that is what it was meant to be.

So it is with life .... it is the challenges that 
we face and the path that we take that leads us to where we must ultimately be and what we must ultimately become.  The challenges refine us and change us into what we must ultimately become.

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