Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blogtoberfest .... Day 19

Well it seems I will not be able to catch up this month for BLOGTOBERFEST, so I have decided that I will just make sure I blog for the rest of the month.

Life throws us curve balls every now and again and teaches us that we don't always know what is in store for us.  Sometimes things do not turn out the way we planned.  The road or path of life can be a challenge.  It is not always straightforward, but instead has curves and ups and downs.  We can plan for things, but sometimes we have to recognise when things change and also we have to recognise that the plan that we started out with is not the plan that we will end up with.

Recently I have learned that sometimes we have people in our life that we think we know, but then
we find out along the way that we don't know them like we thought we did.  That may shock us, it may hurt us, or it may leaves us feeling disillusioned.  Those feelings may just come, they may stay with us for a bit, or they may stay with us for a long time, but they don't have to stay with us forever.

I have learned that in the end we have a choice.  Sometimes we feel that it is out of our control as to how we feel.  When someone hurts us, although we don't have a choice about the other persons actions, we do have a choice about how we will act and react.  

I guess the decision in the end is ..... when someone hurts me, how will I react to what they have said or done?  How will I behave, despite the hurt and maybe even pain?  Will I behave the way that the other person has?  Or will I maintain my dignity and be who I am, still treating them with respect. 

Just because I am hurt doesn't mean that I have to behave the way the other person has.  Just because they have said something hurtful to me or tried to make me feel that I am less than they are, doesn't mean I have to feel that way.  I won't say there haven't been tears, because there have.  I can choose to be who I am and know that despite what they say, I am still who I am inside and not what they are saying about me.  I don't have to buy into what they are saying, or accept it as truth.  

I can choose to take on board what is said or I can choose to let it go and move on.  I think often we don't realise that there are choices.  We all have those choices.

When something hurtful happens we should take the time to think about it, and not react in the
moment.  Taking the time out to think and digest what has happened allows us to put things in perspective and see things for what they really are, rather than what we think they are in that very moment.

Most of all in all of this I can be the best person that I can be and behave in the most appropriate way possible.   Heavenly Father gave me the ability to make choices and to make decisions for the myself.  He gave me agency and in giving me that agency I can decided to be bitter and feel anger and maybe even hate towards the person (which I don't), or I can choose to move forward.  I can walk along the road realising that this is just a hiccup in the road of life.    

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