Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day 5 - Be at Peace

Do you ever feel truly at peace?  There are times when we know we don't feel at peace however, do we recognise those moments when life seems still, calm and peaceful.  I don't mean silence when everything is quiet around you.  I mean those moments when you are truly at peace inside, within your being, within your heart.  Those moments when you are in the right place, at the right time, and exactly where you are meant to be.  

In a moment of anger we may struggle to find a place within that gives us those feelings.  It may not be easy, and we may struggle to do it.  Life is full of challenges, some greater than others.  

I think finding peace in our life, true peace is a work in progress, it doesn't happen overnight, but if we keep on working at it, as the saying goes, it can happen.

I think true peace only comes when we are happy within.  I've learnt in life that true happiness and peace don't come from THINGS.  Many people think that Material things make you happy and bring you peace, but in my mind they don't.  They may bring you momentary happiness, but that is fleeting in the scheme of your whole life.  Many people think that other people can make them happy .... realise that no thing or person can make you truly happy.  Only you have that ability.

Does finding peace come as you get older and wiser and learn to deal with what comes your way?  I think in some ways this is true.  When you are young and learning about life, you seem to have the need to be like everyone else, to be accepted for who you are and the work it takes to be like the rest is enormous.  As you get older you find that for the most part it matters less what others think of you and what seems to matter more, is that you, like you.  That you feel good about who you are.  What seems to come to matter most is that you are content with being the best person that you can be.  It doesn't mean that you will be perfect, no one is, it just means that you are trying to be the best person you can be.

So are you are peace?  Pause for a brief moment.  Listen to the silence and take a moment to find the happiness within.


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