Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day 7 - A name and appreciation.

Do you ever think about the importance of person's name?  Not how important it is to you, but rather
how important it is to them.  People often get upset if you can't remember their name or don't make an effort to find out what their name is.

In the work that I do, many times a day I am messaging support workers to tell them information and especially to ask them if they can cover shifts.  I can remember a while ago when I was working out there doing shifts and the person that sent out the messages didn't use my name.  I used to wonder if the message was for someone else.  I realised at that time how important a person's name is to them and how important it is for people to remember that and to call you by your name.  It is about being appreciated for who you are and recognised as an individual .... not just being lumped in with a whole lot of other people.

I learnt the lesson a long time ago about the importance of a name, when as a young child and even more so as a teenager, people that knew both my twin sister and I, couldn't tell us apart and so it was easy for them to call us twinny.  TWINNY ... that name still grates on me even today all these years later.  So remember that a person's name is important to them and use it when addressing them.  They may not say anything, but they will surely appreciate it.

Another thing that is important is to thank people for what they do.  Let them know that they are appreciated.  People like to feel appreciated and to be thanked for what they do.  It might only seem a small thing, but believe me it will go a long way in getting people to do things.  Showing appreciation towards others gives them a sense of being needed and shows them that what they have done is important and that they are valued.

In the daily hustle and bustle of life everyone wants to know that someone cares and that someone appreciates what they do.  They want to now that they are valued for their contribution.

A person name and a thank you can go a long way in this world.

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