Friday, July 25, 2008


Well this cat really does have the life. What I wouldn't give to just lying around all day doing nothing. Sleeping that would be a nice way to pass the time away.

Angel is such a relaxed cat. He lives in our laundry and is very happy to be there all day. When he comes into the lounge room he is quite happy to just lie on your knee or sit next to you and purr to his hearts cotent.

He is definately a people cat and I don't think he would cope with a feline companion.....even though his mum Miss A has suggested that we get another cat. He is definately a one family cat...and that means only one cat in the family.

He has such a cute personality and is very affectionate. Often cats are not that affectionate and would rather live soliary lives. Not this young man!!! He is quite happy to sit with us and join in and will just stay there for hours if he can.
He is definately my kind of cat !!

He does ocasionally make an effort to do some sort of exercise although it is very minimal at best.

WHAT A CAT !!!!!!

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