Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yesterday I posted on here about my love of the Piano and my great-grandmother who influenced that love.

In the photo in my previous post were 4 generations of women in my family. We are a very female/women oriented family, with my brother R being the first boy in my immediate family for something like 47 yrs. Of course he is almost that old himself now.

On the left is my mother, as I said in my previous post carrying the next generation of women in our family - namely my twin sister and I. Next to her is my grandmother, known to me as Granny R, then next to her on the right is my great-grandmother, Granny C and then next at the far right on the photo is my great-great-grandmother, known as Gigi (pronounced Gig-ee). Apparently my great uncle G (my grandmother's brother) couldn't say grandma so he said Gigi instead and the name stuck.

Except for my mum, my sister and I all the other women in this photo are no longer alive. Gigi was the grand old age of 99 years when she passed away. My great grandmother, Granny C, was a bit younger, around 78 yrs......her husband Grandpa C was around 89 years when he died and Granny R was 86 yrs when she died. So you can see that we all have pretty long lives.

This was the first time that we had 5 living generations in my family. After this lot of 5 generations we had 2 more at other times. Once when my neice Miss S was born and then when Miss S had a son Mstr. D.

Not many people have the privilege of saying that they have had 5 generations living at 3 different times during their life time - but I have been blessed to be a part of one of those 5 generations. We only have 4 generations alive at the moment, but if my mum lives to be as old as her forebears and our grandchildren have children then it is always a possibility again....and that would be so exciting.

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Kris said...

Hasn't happpened to me at all! It's interesting to read about your family.