Saturday, August 23, 2008

MISS A TURNS 17!! or doesn't time fly when you're not paying attention.

My, doesn't time fly when you're not paying attention. Miss A had her 17th birthday on Thursday and I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in that time. I was blessed with a very unique and special daughter.

This was taken in 1994

(Note the gap in the front teeth - said to be very lucky)

Miss A tends to have a flair for the dramatic as is evidenced in this photo taken in June 1997. She was playing at being a bride. Don't you love the orange arrangement around the neck and the green hat...that nearly swallows up the bride.

Miss A loves animals and Nanny's horse Patrick was no exception. I absolutely love this photo and think it is very beautiful. I love the way Patrick just stays still with A on her back. Just in the right place at the right moment. My mum always did take excellent photos.

I really loved this photo of Miss A. We were in The Grampians in Victoria and she happened to be on the top of this rock, and I was below. She had no idea I was taking the photo and it was amazing to just see her sitting there looking out over the area. I actually wondered what was going through her little mind at the time.

She is often quite hyperactive and this moment was such a peaceful one and just to see her sitting there calmly doing nothing was a beautiful moment. She really did enjoy herself that day as we explored the tracks that we found in The Grampians.

Sometimes I wish I could have these special moments back and that she wouldn't grow up so fast....but that's life.

Only one more year and she will be 18.

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Kris said...

We were thinking of her on Thursday. Did she have a good day? Yes! 17 is old, and 18 will be here before you know it! Sorry for cheering you up like this.