Monday, August 18, 2008

Now I play the waiting game

And now starts the waiting game...... I got all excited about doing the whole Uni thing and now I just feel like I am in limbo. Silly me should just enjoy this peaceful moment (you know the calm before the storm) where I can gather my thoughts before the onslaught starts.....but no not me.

Now I'm waiting for all the info to turn up on my doorstep. I just want to get started. I wonder if I'll still be this anxious and excited about the workload in a month to six weeks time. Think I'll probably be more 'anxious' than excited.

For this subject Australian Studies: Images of Australia....I have to do 2 x 1500 word assignments/essays and an the essays don't bother me so much as the exam. I hate exams. I had hoped to choose a subject that didn't require you to do exams !! Silly me for actually thinking I could do that. Better get used to the idea of exams quickly because I have to do it - like it or not.

It will be so nice to have my mind active again. It's been some time since I started my degree, but I finally think I am ready to get moving and finish it.


Kris said...

Wow! Another blog look! It's fun trying it all out isn't it? Waiting sucks. You'll have to find something else to distract you!

Lotti said...

Well I did like the other blog...but seeing as I am a right hander....I found it a pain that all the stuff was on the left hand I decided to give this a go and I think I am happy at last. Sorry to all the left handers out there who may visit my blog.