Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't the weeks fly by.

Time just keeps on flying by. If you are not paying attention it certainly gets away with you. Uni study is in progress and that is keeping me busy...but it's enjoyable and I am certainly glad that I am doing it. I especially love having a lap top computer and it sure makes life a bit easier.

My eldest daughter S turns 27 today...sadly I won't see her for her birthday, but I will certainly be thinking of her. This time 27 years ago I was almost a mum. I had a very quick labour - she was born in around 3hrs 35mins. We haven't seen each other for many years now. I wish that things were different and I would give anything to see her again. I keep on praying that one day things will be different and that she will want to have contact with me. S is married now and is blessed to have two little girls of her own.

So I guess I'm a bit melancholy at the moment.

The nice part about life at the moment though is that the days are getting sunnier and warmer. It is so beautiful outside at the moment.

Father's day has come and gone for another year and I keep on thinking about my dad heaps. I was only a little one when he passed away. I think of him often and wonder about how much of me and who I am comes down to my dad and the person that he was. When you only know what one parent is like and don't have the other one to go makes you think.

So to all you guys out there who are lucky enough to have your fathers alive at this time....treasure every moment.

My next post will be a much happier one than this one.


picklesticks said...

Hi! Its great fun to study, and I know the difference a laptop can make. I am getting one of my very own soon. Its very exciting!

I feel very lucky to have such a great dad myself.

I hope many cheerful thing happen to you this week (including this lovely weather).


Lotti said...

Thanks Jess....I am really enjoying studying.....and yes you have a wonderful day and a wonderful family....our family think they are awesome

Lotti said...

sorry Jess that should have read you have a wonderful 'DAD'...