Monday, September 15, 2008


Despite the thoroughly beautiful weather over the weekend today has been a bit of a let down....says I as the sun comes peeping out from behind the clouds. Australia is an amazing place with such varying weather. And who said only Melbourne could have 4 seasons in one day. Adelaide are doing pretty good today. It's supposed to be spring, but we're back to the winter weather today.

I brought a kite at the show the other day. A large kite which I hope we will get the chance to use. A bit too windy to fly a kite today....just a bit. After all I'd hate to look like Mary Poppins, kite in one arm, flying around the local park. I can remember making kites as a kid and going down the middle of the road flying my newspaper kite. You would all make one and then try and see if you could be the first to get yours off the ground. There was always a bit of a competition between either you and your brothers and sisters or the neighbours kids. I'll have to take a photo of the kite and post it here.

Sometimes it's nice to think about the past and the things we did that made us happy.


Kris said...

We used to make kites too. We would go down to the river Torrens with Dad and he would cut down bamboo to use as the kite frames. Twine from the shed would hold the frame together and then we would glue brown paper from shopping bags on the frame. (with glue Mum had made on the stove) When it was all dry we would paint them with poster paints. I don't remember much about flying the kites, but I remember lots about kite construction. I think we spent much more time making the kites than flying them!

picklesticks said...

Thanks so much for the knitting help, my cables are no longer holey! You are my hero.