Thursday, January 29, 2009


Man is it ever HOT!!!!!

Yes, we South Australian's are sweltering in 40 + degree heat here at the moment - it was 43.1 today. For those of you who are in Farenheit that's approx. 109.5 degrees. It's the same in other parts of Australia. They tell us here in South Australia that we are in for this kind of weather for the next week at least.....YUCK!!

I've thought of camping at the beach every night just to keep cool. The heat during the day is bad enough, but the worst thing is the fact that it is barely cooling down at night.....and well sleep is a little hard to come by. I think over the past 2 nights I've had 2 showers to cool down during the night.

Maybe I will just camp out in the local air-conditioned shopping plaza tomorrow.


picklesticks said...

Camping out at the shops is not a bad idea. We had a blackout yesterday and decided to do some shopping we had been putting off. There were so many people at the shops just sitting and being. I think with this sort of weather you need to do what is necessary to keep cool!

Murphy Family said...

I would do anything for some or your heat right now. It is about 35 F. here for the high today!!! I remember Australian summers though... they can get pretty bad! I would camp out at the shops for some relief if you can!!! I will try to send cold vibes your way!