Sunday, February 1, 2009


For anyone who has been following my blog you may remember that one of my first posts was about Angel our cat, or Lord Schmuck as he is affectionally known. On the 25th of January Angel has been with our family for 1 year. Miss A (17y/old daughter) is his mum and she tells him all the time that I am his grandma. It's actually quite funny, but any of you who know my daughter will know that she is a very innocent girl (my Asperger child), that absolutely loves her cat and treats him like a child. One of her obsessions is animals and I'm sure she thinks that Angel is almost human - Miss A talks to him and tells me that he understands everything that she says.

Anyone who knows about Asperger Syndrome will know that these children/adults have many sensory issues.....and Miss A is in sensory overload most of the time.

Truly though, he is one of the most gentle and affectionate cats that I have ever had in my home. He is just gorgeous. He is so placid and he will just lay in your arms while you pat him. He doesn't try to jump out of your arms and just laps up all the attention.

He loves sitting on top of the washing machine in the laundry.....and even when it's madly spinning he just lays there and seems to enjoy the ride!! If I put miss A's clothes on top of the machine prior to washing them he will get up on top of the washing machine and sit on top of them. Miss A says it's because when she is not there he can smell her ....makes sense. Makes sense to miss A because she says that when she is not with me if she has something of mine with her she feels like I am there. I think that's sweet....

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