Sunday, February 8, 2009


Before I get started I take no credit for the photos in this post.....I gleaned them from the Net.

Tonight I am thinking of all the people that are affected by bushfires all around Australia. I am particularly thinking of the fires in Victoria, Australia, because I have family and friends that live right near where some of these fires are happening. All you can really do is pray for them and hope that they are okay.

They are reporting at this point that 84 people are dead in Victoria. It is so sad. Many more people have lost absolutely everything......their homes, pets, cars, livelihoods....everything.

One woman that was on the television tonight, with her husband and adult son, was just in shock. She just kept on saying she didn't know what she was going to do. I feel for these people, knowing that there is nothing right now that you can do to help them.

One man was talking about how all his photos were gone.....and I thought of how that is the type of thing that you can never replace. That made me think of putting all my photos onto a disc and giving a copy to other members of my family.....just in case. It might not be a bush fire, but your house could still be burnt.

Most of us can't do anything physical to help the people that are involved in these devastatng bush fires, but what we can do it pray for them ....pray for their safety and that they will have the things that they need for right now. Also I think we need to pray for the Fire fighters that are putting their lives in constant danger to fight these dreadful bush fires.
The saddest part of all is that many of these fires were delibrately lit......and it is normal for the average person to ask the question why?? One will never really know what possesses people to do these things. All we can do is to put our energy into praying for the victims........pray that they will have peace and comfort in these difficult times.

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