Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sleeping and Sleeping In.....isn't it awesome!!

I am up every single day of the fortnight (because of my work structure I think in fornights) at around 6.15am to go to work......there is only one day in 14 that I actually am lucky enough (if I don't have to get up) to be able to get extra sleep. Normally, because I am up early every day, on that one day when I don't have to get up I still wake up anyhow!! The body tends to get into a routine and whether you like it or not it wakes up out of habit.

Well this morning I did wake up early, probably about the time I usually get up, although I didn't have a clock near my bed so wouldn't have a clue of the true time .....went off to the toilet (my 50 year old bladder told me to do that) .....and then went straight back to bed. I was determined to have my extra Sleep In!!

Eventually I woke up at 9.20am. YAY!! I actually had an extra 3 hours sleep.....and it felt like Heaven. Hey, I'll probably need a Nanna Nap (maybe that will be the subject of my next post...LOL) later, but who cares, I got the extra 3 hours sleep this morning.

Gotta love the SLEEP IN!!!

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