Sunday, April 26, 2009


Do you ever wish that your life was different?? Have you had things happen in your life that were not in the plan, not in the grand scheme of things? You didn't plan for them, but they happened anyway.

Most of the time you just deal with these things. When you think back about these things you have that little hiccup moment, when you hesitate for an instant, but then you keep right on moving along. Then there are other times when you pause and stop .....contemplating and pondering on where life has taken you......and sometimes you feel down right sad.

You sit there and wish that things could be different. Sometimes you can change them and other times they are out of your control .... you do not have the ability to change them no matter how hard you try ... no matter what you do or say.

Once I gave birth to a beautiful precious little girl who I loved with all my heart .... and still love her with all my heart. That little girl is now all grown up and she is a mother herself ... and has little girls that she loves very much. I wish that little girl was still a part of my life .... but she is not and oh how I miss her.

Maybe she has forgotten how very much I once loved her ... maybe one day she will remember that mothers never stop loving their children.

I feel your skin, so soft and warm
I smell your scent, so new and fresh
I bask in your true beauty, the beauty of your innocence
I marvel at the perfection that is your creation
The miracle that is life
I hear your cry, the wonderful cry that tells me you are alive
I am filled with joy
At the miracle that is birth and the child that is you
That I have been a part of something truly miraculous
And at that moment I know that I am as close to God as I will ever be.

I wish things could be different ....

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