Monday, May 4, 2009


I flew out on Saturday and came home again this morning. I went to see my niece get married in Melbourne on Sunday......and that's as good a reason as any to get together. Weddings and Funerals seem to do that to families.

It was so nice to be together with my brothers and sisters. We are all so spread apart in Australia and don't get together as much as we would like to, so it was really nice to spend some time together.

Kids are so cute and I got to spend time with my 5 year old nephew and my 5 month old niece.
I got to spend time with the big kids too. We all went out together for dinner on Saturday night and enjoyed chatting, reminiscing, and doing lots of eating.

I never used to go into the city in Melbourne very often when I did live there, certainly not on a Saturday night and certainly not into the heart of the restaurant district of Carlton. I have been living in Adelaide now for 6 years and guess I had forgotten just how busy Melbourne can get. I had especially forgotten how busy Lygon Street in Carlton can be on a Saturday night. We all met up and in a convoy of 4 cars set off for a place to eat. My younger sister said that she hadn't eaten all day and she was starving. I did have in mind a really nice pizza/pasta restaurant but when we got there they told us we would have to wait for about 20 mins to get a table. After all there were 13 of us .... so we were not looking for a table for 4.

It was quite a sight to see so many people sitting at sidewalk tables, heaters blazing, people talking, laughing, drinking, eating and generally enjoying each others company.
Finally, while walking back up the other side of the street, we came across a restaurant where a man, probably the owner, accosted us out the front, offered us a table and said that all drinks were on the house. Good Offer!! Yep, we decided we'd take it. It was so worth it. The food was really really nice. Actually I'm sorry that I didn't pay attention to the actual name of the restaurant, because I would give it a plug if I did.

We really had such a nice night out - you know that old thing they say - good food, good wine/drinks, good company.

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Murphy Family said...

a 20 minute wait is almost always the shortest time you will wait at a resturant here unless you are going during the week when NO ONE goes out to eat!!! A couple of weekends ago we had called ahead for seating thank goodness because when we got there the wait was 90 minutes!! Who would ever wait that long for food? NOT ME!!

So glad that you had a great time!!!