Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Race is on

Well time is ticking away and the Year 12 Formal is on this coming Friday. I am in the process of making my daughter's formal dress. I always thought that Formals were on near the end of the year, but suddenly they changed the rules on me.

I am so excited for her .... this is a very special occasion!! I am so proud of Miss A that she is completing Yr 12. She is the only one of my children to do it. I will definately post photos on here of the big occasion.

Boy how things have changed since the days when I finished school. Having said that I didn't go to year 12. I do however know that if you finished Yr 12 you had a dance in the gym at high school. Now it's a night out at a posh hotel somewhere. Things have certainly changed. Apparently the formal industry is a booming thing. You'd think you were planning a wedding, but no it's just a celebration of the end of year 12, which is a bit strange since now they are not holding the celebration at the end of year 12, but rather in the middle of it. I believe this is to keep the celebrations away from end of year exams...well something like that.

Anyway.... I will write more about this even after the fact.

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