Sunday, October 18, 2009


Day 13 - 16 October 2009
A branch sticking out from a tree covered in blossoms .... so nicely framed by the bushes and trees around it ... I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. So pretty with the morning dew sparkling in the sunlight.

Day 14 - 17th October 2009
An interesting piece of art work ..... a foot with one toe missing, the big toe .... did it fall off or was it made that way?

Day 15 - 18th October 2009
A beautiful maiden bearing an urn ... is she there to collect water from the fountain or is she pouring it into the fountain?

101 Posts ... well actually this is 102 .... I started blogging on the 18th of July last year and I have loved it ever since ... Thanks to Kristin for giving me the blogging bug ... it's the first time I've been grateful to someone for giving me a bug!!

I've had so much fun blogging. I've loved writing and expressing myself. I've loved putting my ideas out there for others to read and I figure that even if no one reads them then that's not what is important anyway.
Blogging allows the creative juices to flow.

Also I'm absolutely loving taking photos for 1 year .... one photo every day .... where will I be then?
I'm loving running around the place with my camera in my bag taking photos of things that I come across and trying to think of something new every day!!

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