Monday, October 5, 2009


Day 1

Okay, I'm trying something here that others have tried and I just happen to love the idea. Apparently you need to take one photo a day for a year and write something about the photo. Some people are doing it on Facebook, but I've decided to do it here. Figure it will give me something to blog about, so in the end it serves a dual purpose.

You may have seen this cat on here in an earlier post ... I have blogged about him before. He is my daughter A's cat and goes by the name of ANGEL, also known as LORD SCHMUCK. He is one very spoilt cat!! We even have a sign on the laundry door where he lives .... saying A Spoilt Cat Lives Here. I can vouch for that.

I have to tell you that he is also one very tolerant and patient cat. Miss A carries him everywhere, picks him up all the time, sits him next to her and he just puts up with it all. I figure he must really love her. I know she loves him. When he hears her voice his ears prick up and he waits anxiously for her to come and pat him.

Here he is with wool on his head. Wool, yes knitting wool. Miss A put is on his head and he sat there while she took a photo.
Honestly though he is one very sweet cat.

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Kris said...

You are so ambitious! I tried a photo a day in August, didn't last long. I hope you succeed cause I would love to see your 365 photos!