Saturday, November 7, 2009


Day 29 - 1st November 2009
I couldn't just put one photo on for this day
I took these photos along the way .... documenting my flight from Cairns Airport in Queensland back home to Adelaide, South Australia.
The photo above was taken as we were taking off ..... after all this time of having flown, I am still totally amazed at how aircraft get up off the ground.

Looking back over Cairns, with the airport on the left.

This is such a beautiful sight ..... looks like loads of cotton wool.

.... more cotton wool

Somewhere over Australia

what beautiful verigated landscape

Not sure which dam this is, but we are closer to Adelaide now

Almost home

The City of Adelaide

Adelaide oval with the city in the background

The Torrens River
just before touch down.

What a magical sight .... the creations of God and man never cease to amaze me.

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