Sunday, November 21, 2010

HOT weather is on us again !!

Cradle Mountain
In the distance ... the Mersey River
between Devonport and East Devonport

The plane we flew over Tasmania in with my brother-in-law doing his safety checks
a Cirrus 4 seater. More than that I don't know.

The HOT weather is here once again ... although, I should and do feel grateful that it's not going to be over 35C for 8 days in a row, like it was this time last year. Having said that I think we are going to be experiencing some of our early summer weather over the next few days.
I have to say that I'm not a lover of hot weather. I'd rather be in a cooler climate. I'll probably end up in a cooler climate when I retire. Actually I'll probably move to Tasmania in the next 10 years sometime.

Retirement ..... wonder when that will be. Who knows. I love it over there, I really do. Tasmania is cold in winter, but in summer the weather is so nice. Very few days over 30C ... all are mostly under 30C. Mostly under 25 in summer ... really nice and enjoyable. Tasmania is such a pretty place. I went there in February for a holiday and to spend time with my mum and it was just lovely . Think that I wrote about this in an earlier post .... scarey when you can't remember if you wrote about something. Not even going to look back and see what I wrote. I started writing this post the other day, but now I've decided to add the photos I took while there.

These photos were taken from my brother-in-laws plane. He took my mum, myself and our friend Nyoka who was over from America on a flight over Tassie. Can't tell you which part these photos are from , but they will give you the idea of what the place is like ... at least in part.

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