Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I take no credit for any of the photos taken here, they have been gleened from various sources on the internet.

I woke up this morning and turned the television on, only to be met by pictures of Australia in the midst of devastation, this is only some of that devastation. Part of our land is in the midst of terrible flooding. Tragically there has been approximately 7 people killed and some 72 people missing, unaccounted for. The above photos are images of some of that devastation. I heard of a mother and her 2 children that were swept away in a car ... they are all dead. A couple of years ago we had the tragedy of fire in our nation and now it is terrible flooding. So many lives have been affected.
This morning a wall of water came through that was like a land tsunami and people had all of 10 mins to get out before it hit.
The images I saw on the TV were that of cars rapidly sailing through water, crashing into trees. A young man stranded in a tree, waiting to be rescued, thankful for the men nearby coming to rescue him. People sitting on the roofs of their houses, while helicopters hovered overhead, taking them on board one by one. I'm sure wondering whether or not they would make it to safety before the water engulfed their houses.
Many people will have lost their homes, cars, livelihood, livestock. They will have lost cherished memories, possessions that have taken years to acquire. Their homes will be nothing. They will have nothing and they will be lost and alone. The hardest thing to deal with will be the loss of life. Many will have lost families, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children ... and that is the saddest loss of all .... human life. Material things can be replaced. You can buy a new house, a new car .... but you cannot replace your loved ones.
If anyone out there would like to help these people you can go to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal and make a donation. I'm sure it would be appreciated.
I am praying for these people and that they will have peace and safety surrounding them.

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