Friday, January 14, 2011


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Such tragedy and sadness is being broadcast around the world regarding the terrible floods that are happening in Australia right now. It is so sad to see people lost, not knowing what they are going to do now that they have lost everything in the flood .... and we have seen that sadness played over and over on our Televisions and in the print media over the past week or more.

But today I saw the kindness of human beings ..... the wonderful spirit of the Australian people that comes to the fore in these situations. Today I saw people giving of themselves to others, others that needed help. Today I saw the true Australian Spirit ..... the spirit that makes this nation so great.

People were banding together in groups and going from door to door just asking what they could do to help. Even young children were helping, it seemed like they just wanted to be involved in doing something good. They carried brooms, shovels, mops, all manner of cleaning tools, already to put their shoulder to the wheel and do what they could to help make someone's life just that little bit better. None of them seemed to care that they were dirty, covered in mud after the water had receded, it didn't matter. They were all doing something to give hope to another.

Now as we watch people struggle to move forward, there is hope for a brighter day, that another human being will catch the hand of those that are falling and help to carry their burden and make it a little lighter.

It is wonderful to see and renews faith in human nature. Today I am proud, so very proud to be an Australian.

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