Friday, January 21, 2011


What a beautiful day we have had today and what a gorgeous evening we are having. It was sunny and warm today. A bit hotter than perhaps I like it, but still really nice, and definately not the hotest day we have had of late.

But I'm loving tonights weather the most. There is a gorgeous breeze coming through the door .... a gentle breeze, but so cool. Have opened up the windows to let in the cool air in. The birds must love the cooler weather too because they are out in numbers in the trees in the backyard. I can't believe the variety of birds that are here .... so beautiful.

I've always thought I can handle hot days, if it cools down at night ... and that's what today has been like. So it should be a good night for sleeping tonight. So here goes ........ I'm off to bed now. Good Night.

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Kris said...

Hope you slept well. We were in a motel in Adelaide. It was soooo hot in the room and the air con wasn't working, then we went outside and realised how lovely it was out there so we opened up the windows and had a lovely night.