Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well once again I'm back to life as we know it. You know, the everyday things that we have to do ..... like go to work .... and if I don't then I won't have any money to live. Cleaning the house, organising life in general, making sure that the rubbish bin gets put out.... and the list goes on.

Funny how you take a week off from things, but when you come back the things that have to be done don't take a holiday from you. Interesting thought .... now wouldn't that be nice :-). But not to be. There is always something that needs attending too, no matter where you are and what you do.

It's nice to take a break from the riggers of life from time to time, but in reality life goes on. I have thought about this and how much I love to take a break; have a holiday and just do nothing. But then I think how boring that would be. How much I would hate it if I could just lay around doing nothing all the time. I know I wouldn't like that, I wouldn't enjoy it at all. Oh, I could read a book for a while, or go swimming at the beach, or laze around in an armchair and sleep away my life, but then ultimately I know I would become very bored and feel very lazy, which is not a good look in anyones mind.

So I've decided that in reality I actually like to be busy, but not so busy I can't stop to smell the roses once in a while. I think that is very important. We need to have balance in our lives. Without balance we become lop-sided.

My ideal way of relaxing is to lay in the shade in a hammock on a sunny day .... lay in the shade of a beautiful tree, grass underneath my feet. Not only to feel the warmth of the air, but to feel the coolness that I am afforded by the shade. I also love the feel of the rocking motion as I lay in the hammock .... it is a gentle soothing motion. Most importantly though I must have a book at hand so that I can read. Reading transports me into another dimention, another world, and takes me away from the stress of life.

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