Monday, May 30, 2011


Been thinking of what I can post about.
Nothing very exciting has happened lately, in fact once again I have been sick.
This time it's some sort of virus .... who knows what, coughing up brown muck (yuck!), killer headache, sore throat, hot and cold (guess that's a temp, but don't know cause I didn't get out the themometer and take it), tired and loss of appetite.
The loss of appetite is not such a bad thing, since I could do with losing some weight, although not eating doesn't make you feel so good.

I've been doing lots of resting in bed, which I think is where I should be right now.

While I have been in bed, apart from sleeping I have been doing some reading which I love and don't often get the chance to do. I have also been knitting a scarf for my daughter (19).

It's nice to get some time to read. The book I am reading at the moment is
BRINGING ELIZABETH HOME: A Journey of Faith and Hope

A good book written from the perspective of Elizabeth's parents, Ed and Lois Smart whose daughter is kidnapped from her bedroom at gunpoint at around 4am in the morning. Her sister is the only witness to the kidnapping.
Ed and Lois write of their struggle to deal with what has happened to their daughter and the endless insinuations that their family were somehow involved in her disappearance.

One cannot possibly imagine the terrible anguish that being woken in the middle of the night to find your daughter missing and not know what has happened to her.
Your world until this time, has been that of a good family life.
Suddenly your world is torn apart and you are faced with dealing with things that you never thought you would have to deal with.
You are never sure what has happened to your child or whether she will be coming home.

After 9 months of police investigations and searching for their child they are finally reunited with Elizabeth. I haven't come to that part of the book yet, but it must be so joyous to finally be reunited with your lost child.
The parents have a wonderful and strong faith in Heavenly Father and it is this that gets them through this terrible time.
One of the things that must have been hardest for the family to deal with was the insinuations that the father or uncle may have been involved in her disappearance. If you are innocent, and they were, then how do you not only deal with losing your daughter, but also people thinking you had some involvement in the situation.


Kris said...

It's interesting that you are reading this right now because her kidnapper has been on trial this past week or two. Elizabeth is serving a mission in France and came home to testify against her kidnapper who has since received a life sentence. Hope you get better soon! I had an awful coughing up stuff thing in January and lost 5 kgs. An awful way to lose weight!

Lotti said...

I had no idea Kris that that was the case ... very interesting. Nice to know that Elizabeth is serving a mission ... how awesome. I'm still not well, think this is all residual though from the initial infection. I just want it to go away.