Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THE SMALL THINGS: On being Grateful

There are times when we moan and groan and don't really truly appreciate what we have. Often it's the small things we fail to see. The daily things that we take for granted.

At the moment I have a back problem ...... Dr. says I have a bulging disc. Had an X-Ray today so will find out the results in a few days. Man is it sore and so hard to move around. Do I appreciate the ability to get around easily right now. Sure do. I would love it if I could just sit down, stand up, get in and out of the car with ease and without the dreadful pain that I am feeling in my lower back.

Did I appreicate all the things I could do before this happened? Sometimes I do and other times I don't really think about it. Like most people I just take it for granted.

What else do you take for granted in your life?
Do you take the people around you for Granted?
Do you take the things that you have for every day use for Granted?

Running water coming out of the tap
Trees that provide oxygen for the environment
A car to drive around in
A job
A house to live in
Food to eat
My typing skills
My children ..... those that live with me and those that I don't see
My sight ..... so that I can read books
so that I can see all the beautiful creations in the world
Friends and Family

I am starting a GRATITUDE JOURNAL today. I had started one sometime ago and have been thinking about doing this again. Each day you write 5 or 10 things in the journal that you are grateful for. Try to think of 5 or 10 different things each day. This may not be easy, but making us think is what it's all about. It is also a reminder to actually think of things to be grateful for and not to take for granted the things that you have.

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Kris said...

Hi! Well, we still just have our camping things here in Melbourne so I have been appreciating things I did have but don't now. Of course our collection of stuff keeps growing. You can only do without measuring cups or spoons for so long!

I hope your gratitude journal helps. I think it would be good to do one, but just can't right now. Let us know how it goes!