Saturday, June 25, 2011


On my way home from work this morning I was thinking that I needed a PROJECT.
Just down the road is a SPOTLIGHT store ..... so I head off in that direction.

30 mins later, I'm out of the store carrying a bag with 2 PROJECTS.
PROJECT 1 : 3 balls of chunky wool - Colour: Orange - project: Scarf.
PROJECT 2 : A Counted Cross Stitch Kit of a bouquet of Australian Wildflowers.

Haven't taken any photos yet, but have decided I need to get my camera out this afternoon and snap some pictures.

I'm also in the middle of reading another LISA SCOTTOLINE BOOK called "DEVIL'S CORNER". I am thoroughly enjoying this author's work. Her books are thriller's for the most part and always seem to have a twist in the storyline, which is the thing that I am enjoying about these books. So far I have read 2 of her books "SAVE ME" which I have talked about on my blog and "DADDY'S GIRL". I'm right at the end of "DEVIL'S CORNER" and can't wait to finish it. Next up is another of her novels called "THINK TWICE" which is a story about Identical twins, one twin is good and the other bad, and apparently they don't like each other. This will be interesting as I am an identical twin and my sister and I are very close.

The reason for my current projects is the fact that with my back problems at the moment, I am having to spend a lot of time resting and so need something constructive to do. I'm not a person that can just sit around doing nothing. I need to have something to occupy my mind. So that means reading or something else, hence the two projects.

Stay tuned for updates and photos.

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Kris said...

Yay for two projects!!! I am hanging out for photos! They sound excellent. I am ashamed even to think about how many projects I have on the go. Even if I just count the ones I have here in Melbourne with me! Hmm, it's what keeps me happy though. Sitting sewing or doing hand work is just my favourite thing in the world. I do like reading, but it is harder for me to get to these days. (I spent most of my childhood in my room, on my bed, reading! My Mum would never send me to my room for punishment. I just loved it too much in there!) Especially with homeschooling Asher. I get so distracted by the book that I don't hear anything. Not good if some kid needs you. At least with the sewing etc I can chat, answer questions, and help him. We have desks side by side. I am reading an interesting biography at the moment (bit by bit) by Ron Brooks. (I think) He is an illustrator and author. The book is fascinating. He illustrated "John Brown, Rose, and the Midnight Cat". It's from the library and it is sufficiently heavy to make it really enjoyable. (I just think heavy books are infinitely more wonderful!) Hope you have fun with your projects!