Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DECISIONS TO MAKE ..... Day 4 of Blogtoberfest

My photos won't download. Doesn't that frustrate you. Can't use my own laptop today so I'm trying to download my photo for this blog from the library computer and it keeps on bringing the photo up in corrupted form. Not sure what the problem is .... but I will find out. Anyway will use my own laptop tomorrow. Will have to think of something else to write in the face of my lack of subject. Don't want to miss blogging due to Blogtoberfest.

It has been a relaitvely quiet day today .... nothing much to report. Rang my mum to see how she was after Geelong's Grand Final win. For those of you not from Australia Geelong is one of the AFL team or Australian Rules football team. My mum barracks for Geelong (The Cats) and they won the grand final. Yep, she was excited. She went over to my sister place and they had their projecter set up so they could wat ch the game on the wall. Mum thought that was pretty cool. Guess she's not up with all the latest gadgets that they have today.

Do you ever have those days when you think about what you are doing ..... say workwise ..... and decided that you want to do something else .... or even that you need to be doing something else. I'm feeling a bit that way at the moment. I do love the work that I do, but physically it is very taxing. So I need to do some deep thinking about what it is that I want to do and if necessary change direction.

No one can make changes for you in your life, you are the only one that can do it. I don't want to regret not having done something else, other than what I am doing. I want to live a full life, one with which I am happy.

Think I need a brainstorming session to decide what that is. I have lots of thoughts about what I would like to do, but that would take study and my decision on that front is am I prepared to put in all the hours it would take to do the study. It's not that I wouldn't like the study, I know I would, it's just that I don't know if I have the memory skills required to do it. So there is much thinking to be done right now about life and what I will do into the future.

My children keep on telling me that I am getting ' OLD' .... oh yeah right, I don't think I'm old. I'm 52 .... so what the? Do other people out there in blogger land think that's old. I still feel young in my mind ... perhaps not so much physically these days .... but mentally I still feel young.

Oh well .... much to think about .... and much to decide ..... it's part of the continuum of life.

P.S. My lap top will be back in action tomorrow and I'll write the blog that was intended for today.


Kris said...

Decisions are hard! And no, I don't think 52 is old. But I'm pretty sure I would have thought it was old when I was your kids' ages! My Aunt has just turned 89. Now that's old!

I wonder every day about what I should be doing.

Lotti said...

They sure are hard because you don't know always if you are doing the right thing. I'm glad you don't think 52 is old. I would have once, but now it's me, I certainly don't. My grandmother died when she was 86 and that was old.

Glad I'm not the only one wondering what I should be doing.