Monday, October 3, 2011

A REMINDER THAT GENERATIONS DO GO ON .... Day 3 of Blogtoberfest

So what to write about today ...... My 2nd post in the Blogtoberfest (since I only found out about it yesterday).

Amy Lilian Redpath (nee Cooper), my grandmother was born 21st May 1917 to Thomas John Cooper and Eva Alice May Lock. Thomas and Eva were my great grandparents. Amy is the lady in the middle of this photo and is great grandmother to all of these children. The children are mine and my siblings children. I am blessed to be the mother of five of these children, and from those 5 children come 4 grandchildren.

This photo takes me back to another time and place. Taken on the day of my mother and step father's wedding I remember what a lovely day it was. These children are a reminder of the blessing of having children, but more than that they are a reminder of life and the fact that generations do go on, which in my mind is a wonderful thing.

Taken in 1992 this photo is a reminder too of the fact that many of these children have been blessed with children of their own ..... 13 to be exact. If Amy had been alive today these would have been her great great grandchildren.

Blessings in our lives come in a myriad of ways and I realise how blessed I am that these people are part of my life and that through my great grandparents Thomas and Eva and my grandmother Amy, who gave birth to my mother Judith, that the generations have, and will carry on into the future. I feel blessed that these people are part of the reason that I was given life. Despite the ups and downs and the hardships in life and the times when families seem fragmented and distant, that we are still just that, FAMILY. No family is perfect and mine is no exception. Our families pass onto us traits both good and bad ..... sometimes we are angry about the bad, but hope that we can remember the good as well.

I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that blesses all of us with the opportunity to have family, and generations past, present and future. To have children and hold them in our arms for a short while, but in our hearts forever ..... for that I am truly blessed.


L!$@ said...

Well said Aunty Leonie :D I was a darn cute kid huh :P

Naomi said...

I love this family picture. Gorgeous!
Good luck with the Blogtoberfest - I did it last year and had lots of fun but was so exhausted by the end of it. N x